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  • Karen Osman

How to plan your content for 2021

2020 has changed many things, including how brands communicate with their stakeholders. As we head into 2021, there’s a lot to consider when planning your content strategy, and we’ve listed five questions to help you get started.

1. What are your business goals for the coming year?

An effective content strategy always starts with what you want to achieve. Perhaps, you’re trying to shift perceptions, build bridges, or introduce new ideas. Whatever path you’re on, think about the themes and messaging that will take you towards your goals.

2. Is your copy doing enough to connect?

Consumer empathy is crucial to attracting customers and maintaining loyalty. Plus, the desire to buy from caring businesses has never been stronger. Ensure the topics you cover matter to your readers and prioritise their needs, not yours; the best content requires you to listen first.

3. Do your keywords need updating?

Revisit your SEO keyword research to make sure they’re still relevant. Shifts in working practices, consumer behaviour, and purchasing habits all affect what people are searching for, and the language they use – this is especially true for current trending keywords.

4. Are you prepared to be flexible?

While we’re all craving some stability, the need to expect the unexpected remains. A fully developed 12-month plan with no room for flexibility won’t let you reflect evolving customer needs. 2021, in particular, demands a less rigid approach as we continue to see what unfolds.

5. Is it time to change the format?

Depending on the different channels you’re using, there are many ways of presenting your written content to grab the reader’s attention. Studies show that text heavy pages soon switch the reader off, whereas illustrations, infographics, and video create immediate impact.

6. Who will be writing your content?

Content writing is a skill so make sure you have the right person for the job. If not, consider hiring a content partner such as SME Ink. With cost-effective packages for blogs, newsletters, social media captions, and more, we can you save time when it comes to planning, researching, writing, editing, and proofreading your content. Click here to learn more.

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